6 Lessons About Anatomy

6 Lessons About Anatomy

Figure Drawing

On the Last Article we talked about Structure, Proportion and Perspective. Let’s get deep into the subject and talk more about the Figure Drawing.

Now that you have your Master Proportion Grid, you can use it to create Characters and Faces in the right proportion with all these 6 elements that I’ll be sharing here:

  • Skeleton and Muscular System – Always remember to structure your drawings with the right: Anatomy, Proportion and Perspective.
  • Faces – Again, learn to draw a face with the right Anatomy, proportion and Perspective. 
  • Face expressions – There are 6 main face expressions that all others are created from. 
  • Hands – Learn how to draw hand. Hands are used all time to convey emotions in comics. Learn it’s form and shape so, you can represent it the right way and convey the right emotional reaction on the reader of your comic book.
  • Feet – One thing that Editors look at in a page are Feet! Yes, yes they do. Get them done right and give credibility to your drawings. Often Artist that don’t know how to draw feet, try to hide them from panels and pages. By hiding something from a page is like writing on a balloon on that page: I don’t know how to draw feet!!!
  • Body Expressions – This is one very important aspect of how to tell a story about a character. Every Character have a different Body Expression and all convey some part of the characters personality so, when drawing a character think about his/hers personality and how to translate that personality in a body expression.

The biggest Challenge every artist will face is to create a character that look Alive!! These are living people, breathing people. We rarely see a image of a character that really looks like he/she is Alive!

It’s vital to master the art of figure drawing to be able to create a comic book page with credibility and never trow the reader out of the story. The drawing is only a tool to tell the story. The Story is what’s important and everything you do must serve it.

Consistency is also vital to keep the reader in the story. And another great challenge to Artists. Drawing the same character in different angles and poses can be hard and frustrating if you don’t have the necessary experience to do so. What’s needed in this case is Practice, practice and more practice.

Here is a nice example of Joe Kubert drawing a character at New York Comic Con few year ago:

VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EciuJY1EzU

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