The Basic Three Elements you Need to Tame

The Basic Three Elements you Need to Tame

Structure, Proportion & Perspective.

The two disciplines you need to understand and master are: Drawing & Storytelling. These two disciplines should work together on every comic book page you create.

Let’s Start with Drawing: Drawing by itself is a discipline that requires a lot of effort and education. We are going to cover the very basics here and only the tip of the iceberg, due to time and space. So, let’s start:

To Master the Drawing you will need to first understand how to create a well structured figure and scene, for that we need to learn how to create Basic Geometric Forms in the right Proportion and Perspective.

Structure: The Basic forms every artist works with are: the circle, triangle, square and rectangle. Most objects can be reduced to these simple geometric shapes. These basic shapes allow you to draw anything you want, all you need to do is to merge them into something that you want to create. Drawing is about understanding what you see and learning how to transform shapes into forms.  The Basic shapes and forms, help artists to go through the process of creating a new world but, for that, he needs credibility!!  And that’s why we  need to get to the next topic!!

Perspective: Perspective is a technique used to represent three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional picture plane. There are many types of perspectives: overlap, atmospheric, linear, curvilinear, cylindrical, fisheye, isometric, etc… Once you Master the Perspective techniques you’ll be able to create complex scenes with the illusion of distance and deepness.

Proportion: It’s all about Place and Dimension. The proportion of one element is relative to Where in space it’s located and what Size/Scale it has in relation to everything else in the scene. Imagine the Nose of a Character: Place and Size on the face. If it’s in the wrong place it won’t give enough credibility to the drawing, as much as if it’s with the wrong Size. Too big nose can give a comic felling to the character and this is a choice you have to make in order to create the  right Emotional Experience for the reader.


There are many other elements like Composition and figure Drawing to Master on this discipline but, like I said, this is only the tip of the Iceberg. We’ll be talking more about Composition, Perspective and Figure drawings with lots of tools for you to download! Stay tuned!!

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Do you know how to draw the Human Body in the right Proportions? Download the Master Proportion Grid  to help you create your characters the right way: Here! 

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