The Best #1 Tool to Create Perspectives really Fast!

The Best #1 Tool to Create Perspectives really Fast!


The Italian Architect, Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446) formulated the principles of linear perspective in the late 19th Century. The Linear or Mathematical Perspective System created by Brunelleschi was a great Breakthrough to represent the reality with accuracy. Perspective is a great structure builder in any art form. The mathematical Perspective allows you to give the illusion of deep and space with actual real dimensions. Let’s say you have a room 3mx3m. Using the mathematical perspective method you can actually draw the 3mx3m space with accuracy. It’s described as a “Technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface”. As you can see, perspective has everything to do with Proportions: The Scale and Location of an element in space. The Perspective is the tool that allows you to create the right proportion between elements in your piece and mastering perspective is vital to any Comic Book Artist.

There are lots of types of Perspectives:

  • Atmospheric Perspective
  • Fisheye Perspective
  • One Vanishing Point Perspective
  • Two Point Perspective
  • Three Point Perspective
  • Cylindrical Perspective

The Best way to create Perspectives really fast is to use grids. The grids are already done and you can use them as reference to create whatever you want. Grids can give you the measurement of space and dimensions needed to put everything in the right proportion. Of course before you use grids is extremely recommended that you understand the Perspective concepts and how to create them from sketch. Otherwise even using grids can take you to the wrong way.

Choosing the right tool, in the right order to achieve the right result is critical to create and tell the story.

Perspective is a extremely complex and to master them all takes time and effort. There’s no need to rush, take your time and study it carefully, understand it. Creating rich environments can be a lot of fun and creating them with accuracy and credibility will give you a sense of satisfaction hard to top.


Creating a Perspective. Filippo Brunelleschi way. – NEED TO CREATE IT.

The use of perspective is essential for creating credible scenarios. Your scenario can have a ForeGround, MiddleGround, and Background. Using the perspective tool you can insert all kind of details into you scenario and create a brand new world.

You can Download the Infographic of How to build a Perspective using this Method HERE. – NEED TO CREATE IT.

The Best tool to create a perspective really quick is a already done Grid!! You can Download this one HERE.  –  NEED TO CREATE IT.

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